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  • Copywriting

    Crisp, clear copy to make the cash register ring
  • Translation

    Accurate,contextual translation in 200 languages by native speakers
  • Interactive

    Informative,user-friendly websites that keep the users coming back

Why CS?

Why CS?

We are a B2B comprising of experienced team of copywriters, web developers etc.

We specialize in creating and localizing compelling content for the web and print media that helps corporates get their message across. No more wrangling with freelancers, hacks, a dozen firms or expending valuable in-house resources.

Over 300+ clients and more than 120 publishers from all major markets, ranging from small firms to multinationals, simple needs to complex projects turn to us for content.
We deliver projects on time, within budget. Content Syndicate makes it a point to under-promise and over deliver, pleasantly surprising you at every turn.
Content Syndicate gives you the assurance that you can only get from a bonafide agency. You no longer need to put up with the whims and unreliability of freelancers and ‘fly-by-night ‘firms or ‘I can write too’ mindsets.
Whether you’re looking at one page or 10,000 pages of original content, a corporate website, or an ecommerce portal our large resource network will get the job done…quickly. No project is too small or big for us.
Availability & Support
24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All account managers are accessible via mobile phone, email and online.
Where required, all clients are backed up by our air-tight Nondisclosure agreement (NDA), Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Non-compete clauses and service level agreement (SLA). Ensuring we protect and respect the sensitivity of our work and delivering on our promise is a key part of how we work.
No more getting locked up in stifling retainer fees/minimum service charges/revision fees/long-term contracts. Pay per project basis – pay only for delivery. We don’t charge exorbitant fees by the hour. Compared to other agencies, we don’t believe in minimum charges; urgent fees; with varied service levels.

All projects are important, urgent and quality is standard.

We help customers with design, production, consulting and images. We go the extra mile, leveraging both our in-house resources, partners and affiliate network.
One-stop solution for all content services – from news, features, interviews, newsletters, search engine optimization, reports, brochures, speeches, corporate identity kits, ghost writing, copywriting, translation, technical writing, editorial content, case studies, white papers, direct mailers, radio scripts, press releases, advertorials, presentations, rewrites, proofreading, website content, content updates, images, proposals, manuals and presentations. If it’s got to be written, we’ll write it across media, across languages.
Quality Assurance
Besides our proprietary ‘Content Right’ methodology to ensure quality, efficiency and delivery, we provide two revisions with a detailed briefing document at no extra charge. All work is peer reviewed for quality control. Every team member is experienced, and thoroughly reviewed for credentials and writing skills drawn from advertising and media background. We are currently incorporating ISO 9001 processes to further improve our efficiency and quality of delivery.
Collaboration Platform
No more e-mail floods, juggling multiple files and vexing version control. All clients get access to our state-of-the-art extranet, which comes with inbuilt version control, work-flow, revisions, file storage, and time-tracking.