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7 Reasons to work with us

7 Reasons why?
Concrete evidence why Content Syndicate is the perfect place for an individual with a lot of writing substance. This is what you’ll receive as part of the CS Experience:
An atmosphere that cultivates creativity:
Do you wish to be a cubicle junkie, with your creativity contained within the 4 walls around you? Or would you rather be in an exciting, nurturing environment that places a premium on innovation and writing excellence? Content Syndicate helps make that choice ridiculously simple.
A wide variety of assignments:
Dip your toes in ever-changing waters. Brochures for an Emirati real estate company, web content for a client based in Argentina, a restaurant review for that hip new sushi restaurant in Tokyo. All this, within the same week! It’s a dynamic scenario, one in which you’re guaranteed to never have another boring day at work ever again!
A piece of the new-age business action:
Content Syndicate is a window to how all creative businesses will want to work one day. Seamless, online, without boundaries. With a constant flow of work, fed through instant channels. And a hugely global presence. If you’re a dynamic individual who relishes the thrill of constant challenges, this is something you need to be part of.
Exposure to a wide range of communications:
CS activities run the gamut – from traditional copywriting, editing and translation to syndication services to exciting interactive innovations and media research. As part of Team CS, you’ll get a bigger, better picture of the entire communications chain, and a front row seat to integrated media strategies as they’re happening. It’s a unique, not-to-be-missed opportunity.
An exciting work package:
Extremely competitive salaries, generous benefits, and unmatched little ‘extras’ like yearly air tickets & accommodation to a destination of your choice – are just some of the perks of being a CS employee. And we haven’t even mentioned the large breakfasts, PlayStation consoles and gym memberships yet!
Exposure to the cream of the media crop:
Your work gets to be viewed, examined and sourced by some of the best PR Agencies, Advertising Agencies, print dailies & magazines worldwide.
The opportunity to push your game up a gear:
Writing for the Content Syndicate, you’ll come up against writers who’re at the top of their game. You’ll be challenged and inspired to take your writing to a whole new level. To step outside your comfort zone, and dip into assignments that you wouldn’t have previously thought you had in you.