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Build vs Buy

Build vs. Buy
Why the Content Syndicate Platform?
Feature List Build/Buy/Lease Content Syndicate
DAM (Digital Asset Management
US$1.3 million+
Rights Engine (licensing/reprints) US$30,000 per annum
DRM (monitoring/tracking) US$100,000 p.a + processing
Subscription/Billing engine 2-4% of billed revenue + set-up
costs starting at US$25K
Operating Expenses (Opex) US$5,000 fixed cost
US$7 per GB per month
Search Engine US$20,000 p.a+
R&D Costs (10 developers *12
(*4 people)
US$400K per annum
Licensing third-party modules Costs vary
Support (Outsourced) – 24/7 US$40,000+ per annum
Depth Limited to publisher’s content Wide-range
Archival content (Digitization) Additional (US$0.30 per page) Inclusive/offset costs
Text Mining US$250,000 basic system
Connectors US$20,000+ per seat In-built for over 400+ applications
Legal Costs/Copyright/IP US$100,000+
Customization/white labeling Varies. Additional costs apply
Content bidding and leasing
Multimedia syndication Audio,
Video and mobile.
US$3 million capex
+ opex
No upfront costs.
Pay for performance

1. (Hosting, bandwidth, maintenance, storage, processing, backups) (24×7, 10 CPUs per month) – US$4000 1GB content handling –storage, previews, transfer- US$3 1GB CDN – preview 20 times – US$4 approximately.

2. Pricing and cost estimates based on publicly available information from vendors, industry data, analyst reports and Content Syndicate’s market research as on January 2010.
Actual prices may vary.

3.) *Standard terms & conditions apply