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Content Services Faqs

  • What content services do you offer?

    From copywriting and translation to media services and interactive projects, if it’s got anything to do with words, you can be pretty sure we do it. See our full list of services for details.

  • What languages do you offer these services in?

    We are equipped to take on projects in over 200 languages.

  • But we already subscribe to content wires such as Reuters/AP/AFP/Bloomberg and others. There’s tons of free content out there. So what value proposition can Content Syndicate offer us?

    The ‘Big 4’ wires offer content to thousands of newspapers and websites everyday. Without a doubt, these wires sport great writers and influence, but to them content is merely a commodity. And the more subscribers or clients they sign up, the more money they make.

    In Google News, for example, the same story is duplicated in hundreds of websites; the same story is published in newspapers everyday. Publishers in many cases use wires to cut costs and maybe even fill up pages but the buyer doesn’t own the copyright. We have seen cases, where people resort to a ‘copy-paste’ strategy for getting content. But readers are smart enough to know how to tell good content from bad. And furthermore, this ‘free content’ is copyrighted which carries it own risks.

    Unlike the wires, we don’t charge subscription fees of thousands of dollars, when all you need is one story; we don’t offer the same content to everyone; you hold the full copyrights to the content we provide; we deliver content exactly tailored to your needs; we don’t believe one size fits all. If we give you a story you will be the only person publishing it.

  • Aren’t there thousands of freelancers out there? Why should I work with Content Syndicate?

    Let’s put things in perspective. Most freelancers try to do something for everybody with no focus. They are one-man armies with limited resources and services; their client list is limited. You still need to make the effort, to check the quality of their work, see their credentials and negotiate – all of which takes time. We spare you all that pain.

    We only affiliate with the most proven content providers, hundreds of publishers, PR agencies, experienced journalists and media professionals globally. We do all the legwork and filtering for you. Relax and peruse the site, knowing that you no longer have worry about where your next content is coming from, as we have it covered.

    What’s more, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working with some of the best writers and you didn’t have to scout for talent yourself. Because we found them for you. In short: no subscription fees or minimum fees, you pay only for the content we create for your needs, and there is a reasonable flat rate – no work is too large or too small for us.

  • Who are your clients?

    Our clients include marketing managers of Fortune 500 companies looking for content for their brochures and corporate websites; editors looking for newspaper and magazine content; publishers looking to cut operating costs; PR managers looking for help to get that press release out on deadline day; web developers wanting to create sticky websites; start-up publishing firms needing content and consultancy; and new media firms who require content and help setting up a sophisticated content management system (CMS)

    To see the companies we’ve worked with, do see our list of clients.

  • Who owns the copyrights to the content you produce?

    All copyrights will belong to the company or individual who has commissioned the content, unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Ok, you’ve got me. How do we get started?

    Go to the services page and select the service you are interested in. You can request a quote online by filling out a simple form. If you know exactly what you are looking for, use the drop-down menu at the top right of this page to jump directly to the relevant form.

  • At what point do I have to make the payment?

    You can request a no-obligations quote, which will be sent to your inbox. If you like what you see and want to go ahead, you’ll have to make a 50% advance payment through our secure online payment gateway.

    The remaining 50% is to be paid once the project is wrapped up and the copy is delivered, once again by credit card.

  • Can I pay online?

    Of course. The email you receive with the quotation will have a link where you can pay directly. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex credit cards.

  • I received a quote from you guys yesterday. The pricing seems too good to be true. Where’s the catch?

    One reason why our pricing is competitive is sheer economy of scale. Unlike one freelancer, fighting the battle alone, we have a legion of content providers, so our operating expenses are minimal and being 100% virtual, we keep our bills trim.

    To give you an idea, our entire site and operations run on great open source software. That includes sophisticated content management systems, servers and groupware. Most companies would pay tens and thousands of dollars just for licenses alone. We paid zilch. We pass on these savings and more to our customers and partners.

    Answering the last part of your question: there’s absolutely no catch.

  • Our firm would like to or sign a long-term contract. When do we talk?

    Just fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you immediately. Alternatively, call Content Syndicate’s nearest office for an appointment with our experts.

General Faqs

Online Syndication Faqs

  • What are the benefits for content buyers?

    With instant access to what is potentially the world’s largest databank of customized content, buyers can find articles and images on almost any topic, however esoteric it might be. Then you have the option of customizing the article as per your exact requirements, and purchasing it instantly online.

    You’ll find all you want to know at the top 7 benefits for content buyers.

  • Why do publishers sign up with you as content providers?

    Content Syndicate allows publishers to give a second life to their old content by putting it up online for sale. They can choose to sell their content in select regions of the world, thus allowing them complete control over use of their content.

    For details, see the top 7 benefits for corporate content providers.

  • Why do so many freelance writers sign up with you?

    The Content Syndicate platform allows freelance writers to exhibit their content for free to content buyers and publishers across the world, put their own price tag on it, and sell it multiple times across different regions. With all this and more, it’s no surprise that freelancers are using Content Syndicate’s facilities to the fullest.

    See the top 7 benefits for freelance content providers.

  • Can anyone syndicate their content?

    Technically, yes. But all content goes through several layers of quality checks before it is finally put up for sale so that the quality of the content is maintained. All content that doesn’t make a predetermined rating is automatically ejected from the system.

    Hence, it is usually publishers and professional writers, photographers and freelancers who find maximum use for our services.

  • How many languages can I upload content in?

    We currently syndicate only English content, but expect support for many more languages to be added soon.

    You can, of course, buy the content you want in English and then use our translation service to translate into over 200 languages.

  • How does your online platform for content syndication work?

    In a sentence, content creators and publishers can upload their data to, and other publishers and content buyers can log in with their own accounts, search the database for the exact content they want, and buy at the click of a mouse.

    If you have 90 seconds to spare, this comprehensive explanation will immediately make the picture clear.

  • Who owns the copyrights for the content on

    The copyrights for all the content are owned by the content creator. Content Syndicate is only an intermediary assisting in exhibiting and selling the content. At no point will Content Syndicate claim ownership of user uploaded content.

    When a content buyer purchases a piece of content online through a credit card, the copyrights are passed on to him or her as per the agreement. Partial or total copyrights can be exchanged, depending on the agreement between the content owner and the buyer.

  • How do you deal with the possibility of content plagiarism and other copyright issues?

    We are creative people ourselves and we despise plagiarism and all those who practice it.

    We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarists and intellectual pirates. We have a team of people constantly working to locate and take action against offenders. We also have an online form to report suspected content piracy. Anyone found guilty will immediately be barred from the system and prosecuted to the fullest extent under law.

  • How does the payment system work?

    The content owner is free to place his own price tag on the content he/she uploads. It is the buyer’s decision to buy or not to buy at that price. When a content buyer decides to purchase an article or photograph, she makes an immediate payment on our gateway with her credit card.

    We keep 30% of the purchase value as service charge. The remaining 70% is moved into the owner’s account. At the end of each month, every content owner is sent a check for the entire amount in his or her account, as long as there is a minimum of US$100 in the account.

  • Does your platform support images?

    Yes. The system supports textual content as well as images. In fact, if you are a buyer, the system will automatically present related content together, so that you can shop for all your content easily and conveniently.

  • What about Audio/Video?

    Not yet, but it’s in the pipeline! Watch out for AV support soon.

Technical Faqs