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Market Opportunity: Pain Points
Billions of dollars worth of current and archival content is locked up in ‘silos’.
Content not being ‘repurposed’ effectively for various media. – TV, Print, Mobile, Radio, Web
Inefficient and expensive process of monetizing content
Publishers are scrambling to survive, cut costs and monetize content better
Costs upwards of US$3 million to set up a basic syndication platform
Limited and shrinking revenue streams (ads + subscriptions)
Inability to adapt to onslaught from the internet/mobile.

Why Us?
Publisher neutral platform
Repurpose content in 300+ languagesFacilitates long-tail of content for verticals/niche
Handles entire content lifecycle, web-based, cross-platform security and scalable.
Buyer’s perspective
Access to more content; convenience; choice and efficiency
Removes entry level barriers for publishers.
Seller’s perspective:
Pay for performanceMonetize content better
No upfront investments required
Why Now?
Technology Inflection – It’s more cost effective now than ever before
Availability/maturity of new delivery channels
Publisher businesses are in distress
Increase revenues, reduce costs
Looking at newer ways to ‘repurpose content’
Alternatives to saturated advertising/subscription models
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